Financial Aid for ADHD Children and Families

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can negatively impact a child’s ability to act at the appropriate age level. As a parent to a child who suffers from this condition, you make it your priority to give for your child the kind of support and personalized care they require. Unfortunately, not every affected family can afford the additional expenses that come with caring for a child with this condition. Parents can go to to learn how to deal with debt overwhelm.

But you do not have to be discouraged if you fall into that category, as your family might be eligible to receive SSI benefits (Supplemental Security Income). These benefits are used to cover the expenses for your child’s medical bills and supportive care, as well as other daily expenses. Below are the types of disability benefits.

Disability Benefits

Although the Social Security Administration offers two kinds of benefits, children with ADHD are typically qualified for SSI benefits. SSI is a program introduced by the government to pay benefits for physically challenged children who are part of low-income families. The SSI’s eligibility is confirmed by the state Disability Determination Service and Social Security Office in your local area. The SSI is a benefit program that provides disability benefits for physically challenged individuals who earn a little income. It covers people of all ages. To qualify, for it, applicants should fall within financial limits outlined by the SSA.

As for child applicants, their assessment would be done based on the financial resources or income of their guardians and parents. This is known as, deeming. Note that it is only a part of their parent’s income that will be deemed in the child’s record.

How to Determine Medical Eligibility

The SSA dictates the Blue Book as a manual for determining disabling conditions. It is used to evaluate an applicant’s eligibility for the specific impairments.

In order to satisfy these requirements, a parent must provide medical documentation that proves that their child is experiencing the symptoms below:

– Marked inattention
– Marked impulsiveness
– Marked hyperactivity

Depending on the child’s age, he/she has to show a combination of developmental impairments in these following areas:

– Fine or gross motor development
– Communication and cognitive functioning
– Social and personal functioning

Other Programs That Can Help

There are some other programs available, apart from the SSI, to help ease expenses for the family. There are also recommendations for those who don’t qualify for the program or financial resources – can demonstrate other ways to manage expenses.

If you are willing to take time to plan and/or follow through with all the paperwork required, consider these options below:

Health Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance plans usually cover psychological assessment for ADHD and treatment. Each insurance company offers different coverages in this regard and can vary among policy types. In order to be sure, affected parents should call their insurance carrier to get more details.

Flexible Spending Plan Benefits

Treatment and diagnostic services might be paid for by what is called, the medical flexible spending plan. These benefits are offered by a majority of U.S. workplaces, letting workers set earnings aside, for psychological and family medical (as well as tutoring and schooling). Look up the alphabetized list that covers eligible expenses, as outlined by the IRS.

Flexible Spending Plan for Dependent Care

Another type of disability benefit is the dependent care FSP plan. Many activities and after-school academic programs could designate a part of your child’s fees as part of child care. These, along with traditional care expenses, are be paid for with a dependent care FSP. It can amount to $5,000 per year for each family.

Paying for your Child’s Services

It is very easy to get into debt when paying for your child’s services. Schools and professionals take credit cards. And there are also nonprofit credit counseling services specializing in determining payment plans and budgets. You can also get financial advice from or other services online.

Parents with children that are diagnosed with ADHD, in many ways, have a very tough road ahead of them. Any concerned parent would want the best for their child, which is why it is important that parents become fully aware of the resources available. The information herein should serve as an introduction to many forms of assistance that should help alleviate some of the financial burden.